Business Valuation


For private client

We provide a business valuation services for the following purposes:

  • Acquisitions
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Business planning

Negotiating an acquisition or businesses buy process has differences in option of value. DTZ Baltic’s business valuators can assist in explaining the business valuation process and how it should be applied to the business. Valuation reports are based on national valuation standards; we also follow international (IVS) and RICS standards.

For business client

DTZ Baltic’s professional experience includes a business valuation of Limited liability companies, Trusts, Corporations, Sole proprietorship and others.

We provide a business valuation for the following purposes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Litigation and ownership disputes
  • Financial reporting
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Reorganizations and bankruptcies
  • Business planning

Types of interest that can be valued include:

  • 100 percent controlling interest
  • Majority interests that possess control
  • Majority interest that do not possess control
  • 50 percent interest
  • Dominant minority interest
  • Non-dominant minority interest

Shareholders or directors of companies require an independent opinion about companies’ business value. Our reports are in line with IVS (International Valuation Standards); our work follows the principles of EVS (European Valuation Standards).